How Do I?

Register for an account

Notes about Registration

APLI will prevent account registration if:
  • The email and/or username are already in use
  • The email address is invalid
  • Spaces are entered before and/or after the email address
Make a payment

  1. Login to APLI
  2. Select 'My Records'
  3. Click the blue link (the record number)
  4. Select 'Payments'
  5. Click 'Pay Fees Due'
Notes about payments

If a payment is required at the time of application, you will be directed to do so.

APLI accepts payments:

  • One application at a time
  • Under $5,000

There will be a confirmation in your application record in APLI upon a successful online payment.

If you are experiencing difficulties processing your payment, please contact Service Barrie.

Payments $5,000 and above can be made through Service Barrie (cash, cheque, or debit).

  • Payment by cheque: make your cheque payable to the City of Barrie and ensure that the record number and project address are noted in the subject line on the cheque.
View an invoice

Upload and download documents

To upload additional documents after you have submitted your application:

  1. Login to APLI
  2. Select 'My Records'
  3. Click the blue link (the record number)
  4. Select 'Record Info'
  5. Select 'Attachments'
  6. Click 'Add' and upload your documents

Upload requirements for Building Permit applications:

Electronic Document Submission Standards (PDF)
Delete documents

If a document was uploaded in error, you can notify your file manager and/or contact Service Barrie. Documents cannot be deleted from the APLI Citizen Portal.
Search an address

Make corrections

If your application has not been submitted, you can make changes at any time.

If you need to report a mistake on your application, please contact Service Barrie with your record number and identify the error(s).

APLI does not allow records to be deleted from the portal.

Resume an application

APLI's save and resume feature allows you to complete your application at your convenience. If you do not have everything you need to apply, you can save your application and return to it later. This feature keeps your application active for up to 60 days.

Check the status of an application

  1. Login to APLI
  2. Select 'My Records'
  3. Click the blue link (the record number)
  4. Select 'Record Info'
  5. Select 'Processing Status'
Cancel an application

Please contact Service Barrie. Records cannot be deleted from the APLI Citizen Portal.

Manage project contacts

Add secondary contacts

You can add secondary contacts to your application while you are applying online. If you have already submitted your application:

  • Contact Service Barrie to have the contact(s) added to your application. Please provide the following details:
  • APLI record number
  • Project address
  • Contact name and type of contact (I.e., contractor, etc.)
Manage APLI delegates

Notes about delegates:

  • Delegates can access records and perform different functions based on the permissions you set (i.e. creating applications on your behalf, managing documents, requesting inspections and paying fees).

To add or remove a delegate:

  • Select 'Account Management' on the APLI portal
  • The delegate you assign requires an APLI account and must accept your request through the APLI portal.
Request building permit inspections